Career Openings

Bank of Alma currently has positions available. The successful candidate will be a goal driven, enthusiastic, relationship based banker.

At Bank of Alma we strive to put our customers as our top priority through quality service, compassionate employees, and an encompassing environment that is welcoming to all. If this sounds like an workplace you would like to be part of, we would love to get to know you.

We set ourselves apart from other businesses because our employees truly care for our customers and this shines through from the smiles of long time friends and clients that walk through our doors. Our employees are professional, passionate and driven to providing first-rate financial care for all of our clients. Bank of Alma’s positive work culture encourages employees to express themselves and celebrates the unique talents each brings to the team. Empowering our employees has created a successful and professional work environment that allows everyone to respect and collaborate with one another.

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