Passbook Savings (age 18 & over)

You may deposit and withdraw from this account at any time. The minimum balance is only $50, however should your balance drop below $50 there is a quarterly minimum balance service charge.

Junior Savers (under 18 years of age)

Just like our Regular Savings you can deposit and withdraw from this account at any time. The minimum balance on this special account is only $25. At the age of 18, this savings account will automatically convert to $50 minimum balance requirement.

The interest on these accounts is payable at a variable rate determined by the bank from time-to-time, subject to change without notice. Current rates are posted in our bank lobby. Interest is paid daily, compounded quarterly. A $2 fee is imposed on lost passbooks.

Certificates of Deposit with various Terms

We offer predetermined maturities ranging from 182 day to 5 years at set rates. Higher rates are paid for large certificates of deposit. Penalty is required for early withdrawal. Interest may be compounded annually or credited to your checking or savings account automatically.

Money Market Deposit Account (MMDA)

Maintain a minimum balance of only $1,000 and earn our Money Market variable rate of interest. If you allow your balance to fall below $1,000  there is a $6 monthly maintenance fee. Pre-authorized, automatic or telephone transfers are limited to 6 per statement cycle. Bank may at any time require prior written notice of intent to withdraw. Until notice is required, withdrawals may be made at anytime. Your interest is paid daily on collected balances compounded monthly.

Individual Retirement Accounts: Traditional and ROTH

We offer various IRA instruments, including certificates of deposit with a $1,000 minimum and our popular IRA Variable account which can be opened with as little as $100. Keep in mind that IRA’s are insured separately and additionally up to $250,000. Penalty and fees apply for early withdrawal. We suggest you consult with your tax advisor with regard to your personal situation. There is a $25.00 fee for a transfer or rollover going out of the bank. We do not charge an annual maintenance fee.


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